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California premises liability law places a burden of care on anyone who owns or leases property to keep it in a "reasonably safe" condition and to warn guests of any hazards that may not be open and obvious and are discoverable upon reasonable inspection. Marc Trachtman Law specializes in a wide array of bodily injury defense involving dangerous conditions of property, including slippery surfaces, falling objects, negligent construction and displays, sidewalks, walkways, curbs, parking lots and garages, floor levelness and uneven walking surfaces, steps and stairs, lighting, dog bite and attacks, elevators and escalators, negligent security, product liability, food illness and contamination, false arrest, negligent security, third party criminal misconduct, habitability, ADA violations, Proposition 65 claims, and related risk transfer and shifting via express contractual indemnity and additional insurance naming obligations.


Your vehicle is the primary source of injury in an automobile accident and the principal means of recovery for your personal injury or property damage. Millions of Americans suffered personal injury in automobile accidents in 2023.

Commercial Transportation and Trucking Liability

Transportation and trucking are among the top economic drivers in the country. It is also one of the most prone to accidents and liabilities. Long driving hours, slippery roads, adverse weather conditions, and more put truck and transportation drivers at high risk.


Working in construction comes with its own safety risks and hazards. Individuals who sustained injuries on a construction site can seek relief with help from a personal injury lawyer.

Property and

Property and casualty insurance is vital for businesses of all sizes. Without it, companies would risk losing everything in case of a lawsuit or natural disaster. Property and casualty claims comprise of a broad range of disputes relating to damage caused to structures, property, and belongings in the event of weather incidents such as rain or wind, water intrusion, fire, theft, and vandalism.